exclusive hosting

Hosting Packages for all Requirements

Hosting features

 Solutions designed for you, whatever level of webspace you need

SSD Servers

All servers have SSD storage as standard, and we’ve optimised every part of your experience for maximum speed and security.

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Our hosting is designed to scale as your website grows, meaning the same great performance no matter how popular you get.

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load balanced

This means no single point of failure for you, and your website performance will never be affected by other users’ website activity

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website design

Site design that doesn't look like the rest

Web & Brand design

a creative, fast, and friendly service to get your brand or site set up


Need to get up and running from scratch? We can design your logo, based on your ideas, vision and values for your organisation or passion.

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site design

We can design a site on the platform that best suits your needs. We're not a 'wordpress only' design agent, always on the lookout for the latest tech!

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Once your site is up and running, we have a range of options from handing it to you, to managing the content for you. It's all up to you!

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